Entyre Makeovers

Entyre Lash Line


Mink Series




Together we have worked endlessly to provide our customers with authentic mink strip lashes that have been created through a cruelty free process. These lashes were crafted to ensure our customers are provided with the highest grade mink fur to guarantee quality and durability. Entyre lashes offer various measures of volume and length to please each and every customer for all occasions.  

All of our lashes are cruelty free and individually hand crafted to perfection. The flexible feasible band offers our customers the ability to wear our lashes 25 times! NO chemicals, processing or dyes were used in the process. Each customized pair offers a unique natural glamour to set you apart from the rest. Our customized packaging is exclusive to our Entyre beauties. This magnetic closure box is perfect to ensure your lashes remain flawless. 

We hope you enjoy the lashes just as much as we do!